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Tonight’s special guest is Dr Tina Medina from Kansas, a Christian Psychologist who overcame the pre-teen sexual abuse she suffered and found complete restoration. As a counselor, case-manager and minister, she’s helped hundreds of people deal with this complex issue of sexual abuse on an one-on one basis. Her four books appeal to a broad range of readers, everyone from parents and teachers who’re seeking help for their kids to troubled teens and adult survivors of abuse who may feel they’ll never overcome the damage that was done to them. Tina’s “survivor story” begins at age 10 when she was molested by an uncle several times. Groomed by the offer of ice cream he later “apologized” to the child. “I accepted his apology,” Tina says, “but never spoke to him again. I hated my uncle for many years, but never told anyone until later in my life about what happened.” She goes on, “I never told anyone until I was 32 years old and I am 49 now.” Tina is here not just to tell her story but by way of dedicating herself to NAASCA’s mission. “What a joy to be a part of your organization,” she wrote, and she’s already begun lending her special skills to us as a volunteer. “I am deeply committed to the [NAASCA] cause.” She goes on, “There is a need and it is in love that we need to share and meet that need to help others. In closing, I am a kidney transplant recipient and on March 1, 2008, I knew that my new gift of life would be the writing of these books which were to benefit others. Life gives life and love gives love. Hope is always present when there is life and love. The hope of inner healing can not be quenched because life and love will not allow it!”

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