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Our Story.

Our vision is to uphold children’s rights

Strategic Action for Eradication of child abuse (SAFE) is a child rights organisation founded by Judith Kinobe a trained Social worker who worked in different Local Authorities in the U.K for over 30 years in the field of child protection. SAFE’s main aim is to find a total solution to the problem of child rights abuse in Uganda.

Our mission is to sensitise children, their carers and the general public about child abuses and the laws enacted to protect children as well as working with other Organisations with similar objectives to further our aims and lobby the Government for transparent, user friendly child protection procedures and guidelines.


Awareness Forums

We aim to hold awareness forums at least twice a month in places where children congregate for example, schools, Churches, Mosques where we sensitize children and their carers about children’s rights as per United nations convention on the rights of the child which Uganda ratified in 1991. We also sensitize both the children and carers of the different types of abuse as well as give advice to children on keeping safe.


Child Rescue missions

SAFE is one of the Organisations that are called upon by members of the public, the Police, and probation officers to rescue children who are physically, sexually, emotionally abused or neglected. SAFE also rescues trafficked, lost ad vulnerable street children. We assess and rehabilitate children back with safe family members or place them in adoptive or foster homes or permanent child care Organisations as a last resort.


Transit Home

SAFE Transit home is situated in Nsimbe Mpigi District and has the capacity of 20 children. Children are usually placed in emergency situations when they are abandoned, lost and circumstances surrounding their abuse are not very clear therefore the aim is to assess and if safe to do so, rehabilitate them back home to their parents or safe family members.
Children rescued usually have been through traumatic experiences and it’s not immediately possible to obtain their ‘story’. Our experienced mothers therefore befriend, nurture and counsel the children until they feel safe enough to share what happened to them.
Children’s needs are continually assessed; sometimes they need urgent medical attention and we endeavour to address this as well as their emotional needs before we resettle them either back home or with foster carers, adoptive parents or permanent care homes. SAFE Transit home is compliant with Ministry of Gender, Labour and Community Development regulations on Children’s homes in Uganda.


Children in Education

When you educate a child, you give them a fishing rod for life. We care for children aged 2 to 18 years; even though their stay with is time limited, we endeavour to give them an education tailored to their needs for the duration they are with us. The younger children who are below 6 years old attend our pre-school facility on site and those above 6 years old are placed in nearby schools. Some of our children have been out of mainstream education for a number of years. Where assessed to be years old and have been out of main stream education for more than 2 years are given vocational training with the aim of equipping them with skills to help them engage in gainful employment for sustainable trade when they reach maturity.