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Slum Dwellers Child Care Programmes

We work very closely with slum dwellers and have identified an urgent need for safe child care for working parents.  Due to availability of cheap housing in slums, most single mothers live in these communities and are engaged in low paid employment for very long hours leaving their children with elderly community members who are

The Number of Homeless is Rising

Children who lack a stable home are vulnerable to a number of adverse outcomes. Some threats, such as poverty and hunger, may precede episodes of homelessness; others stem directly from living without a home. Homeless children are more likely than other children to have moderate to severe acute and chronic health problems, and less access

Drop in Centre

We currently operate a Drop in Centre at our offices in Old Kampala but we intend to have a separate fully equipped and more spacious Drop in Centre where especially older children and the youth would come for counselling, guidance with our counsellors  and access material on child protection, engage in recreation activities and be

Transit Home

SAFE Transit home is situated in Nsimbe in Mpigi District and has a capacity of a total of 10 children at a time. Children are usually placed in emergency situations and where it’s not possible for them to be medically examined before placement, they are examined within a week of placement and their needs are

Child Rescue Missions

SAFE is one of the organisations that are called upon by members of the public, the Police and Probation officers to rescue children who are physically, sexually, emotionally abused or neglected. SAFE also rescues trafficked, lost and vulnerable street children. We assess and rehabilitate the children back with safe family members or in foster/adoptive families

Awareness Forums

We hold Awareness forums at least 2 times a month in places where children congregate for example, schools, churches or mosques where we sensitize children and their carers about child rights  as per  United Nations convention on the rights of the child which Uganda signed and ratified in 1991. We also sensitize them on the