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Transit Home

SAFE Transit home is situated in Nsimbe in Mpigi District and has a capacity of a total of 10 children at a time. Children are usually placed in emergency situations and where it’s not possible for them to be medically examined before placement, they are examined within a week of placement and their needs are continually assessed by our experienced house mothers and social worker.

SAFE transit home is compliant with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development regulations on Children’s homes in Uganda. We look after children aged 1 to 18 years both male and female and endeavour to give them an education for the duration of their placement with us. The younger children who are below 6 years old attend our pre-school on the premises and those aged 6 and above are placed in nearby schools off premises.

Children, who are 14 years old and above who have been out of formal education for more than 2 years, are given vocational training with the aim of equipping them with skills to help them engage in gainful employment or sustainable trade when they reach maturity