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“Community Matters” – SPECIAL EDITION – “Policing by Consent Decree” ~~ On June 15, 2001, following a number of scandals in the ’90s, the Department of Justice put LAPD under a Civil Rights ‘Consent Decree’ giving the DOJ control over the Department. There were significant accomplishments over the first four years, but it eventually took almost four more to institutionalize the required police reforms. A commitment to community-based policing was emphasized, as was revised police training and changes in the areas of integrity, use of force, duty to report misconduct, and critical incident management. LAPD preached that its officers cared about the community, and would do their job appropriately and in partnership with the community in the future. But many American police agencies still struggle with ‘doing it right’ and will benefit from oversight and moitoring by Justice Department officials.  ~~ Bill Murray, our host, is also the well-respected community voice of public safety, violence prevention and a leader in anti-child abuse and trauma efforts. He’s the founder of both LA Community Policing (LACP.org) and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA.org). ~~ “Where is the UNITY in ‘community’ these days?,” Bill asks. “Unless we can learn to set aside our differences and start paying attention to how shockingly similar our experiences, feelings and actions are we’ll not make progress.” CHECK OUT the new Facebook page at: www.Facebook.com/LACP.org


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