Keeping children within their families

SAFE agrees with the assertion that children are best cared for within their own families but will not compromise child safety therefore where initial assessment indicates that a child /young person is likely to suffer significant harm if they remain where they are, we will house the child in our Transit home with the intention of conducting further assessment to determine the best long term care option for them.

Listening to children

We agree that children should be listened to and this value is embedded in all our work practices for example, when we conduct awareness forums, we make sure that the children participate and give feedback about what they have learnt, how they intend to put our advice into practice and what they think would have made the forum better delivered.

Working with others

We believe in working together with others for better outcomes and as such we value the contribution of other NGO’s  and strive to make partnerships with those with similar objects to  ours so we could pull resources and learn from each other.

No discrimination

We recognize and respect other people’s values but we do not compromise our own values therefore we will not affiliate with people or Organisations whose values conflict with ours but we do not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, gender, disability, age, sex or sex orientation.

SAFE’s aims and objectives

  • Mobilization of key stakeholders to act and cover the gaps in child protection procedures and ensure that policies and procedures are understood by all.
  • To promote collaboration, exchange and discussions with key partners, institutions and NGOs both Local and International involved in programmes similar to those of SAFE.
  • To Lobby the government for a joint child protection investigation strategy, well articulated child protection procedures and appropriate training for all involved in the investigation of child abuse.
  • Establish networks to provide basic training for all involved in the child protection work and to ensure that they understand the task and are able to undertake it efficiently.
  • Educate children and members of the public about the different types of child abuse, laws that have been enacted to combat it and what they can do in case abuse is suspected.
  • To ensure that communities in Uganda could protect children by familiarity with the concepts of “safeguarding” and by safe and effective practice in the field of child protection.
  • To establish public and professional confidence in Child Protection agencies.
  • To enable stakeholders to undertake the task of protecting children effectively and minimize the risk to children from those in trusted positions.

How does success look like?

Children, young people and families consulted for the Government review of children’s services in England in 2003, listed 5 outcomes which mattered most to them as-:

  • Being healthy
  • Staying safe
  • Enjoying and achieving
  • Making a positive contribution
  • Achieving economic wellbeing

SAFE has adopted these as the benchmark of success for children and Increase in percentage number of children achieving the 5 desired outcomes outlined above, to SAFE they are success. Success is also be measured by -:

  • Improved awareness by the child protection agencies about appropriate response when abuse is reported.
  • Increase in the number of successful child protection interviews and convictions of abusers with appropriate penalties.
  • Reduction in the number of child abuse cases.
  • Improved efficiency in the investigation of abuse.
  • Public confidence in the way child protection agencies deal with child protection work. This could be evidenced in a fall of negative stories in the press.
  • Increase in number of tutors and trainers willing to provide education and training to child care NGOs and increased uptake of this training.
  • Increase in the confidence and competence of all organizations working with children will be surveyed.
  • Statistical information is being gathered by SAFE since it is now fully operational and it will be gathered each year in districts of its operation.

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