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SAFE was born out of a need to address the child abuses that seemed to escalate inspite of a number of organizations working in the field of child protection in Uganda and government initiatives like the enactment of the 1996 children’s statute to protect children. In particular, founder members were very touched and spurred into action in 2006 when the case of Nabukeera a young girl of 14 who was allegedly burnt by her step mother only came to light when her mother failed to get financial support from her father.

SAFE is working from the premises that child abuse increases are due to -:
Laws protecting children in Uganda not being enforced, penalties not being clear and abusers in most cases getting away with it and continue to abuse children.
Lack of proper, clear and streamlined child protection procedures and guidelines and not allocating enough funds to train those charged with child protection investigations.
There being no facilities to protect or house those children who report abuse within their families and children ending up back with families without proper assessments being undertaken.
Child protection not being a priority in a country where there is many other poverty related problems.
Communities not being aware of some forms of abuse or acceptable practices.
Child protection law enforcers not being very clear about their roles and having no clear procedure guidelines. Child protection “enforcers” not being properly vetted or Police checked.
The community and the Country do not own the problem, children still taken as property of their parents.
Tribal practices that are outdated and harmful to health for example female genital mutilation still practiced by some tribes.
How SAFE addresses these problems

Our Vision

Is to build a society that values children and see Child abuse become a rarity other than the norm; to have working transparent child protection procedures and guidelines

Our Mission

Upholding children’s rights and preventing child abuse in all forms both within and outside the family home. Sensitizing Children, their carers and the public about child abuses and laws enacted to protect children as well as working with others with similar objectives to lobby the Government for transparent child protection procedures.

[sh_charity_video2 title=”CHILD RESCUE MISSIONS” video_link=”″ duration=”5″ projects=”100″ members=”25″ description=”SAFE is one of the organizations that are called upon by members of the public, the police and Probation officer to rescue children who are physically, sexually, emotionally abused or neglected. SAFE also rescues trafficked, lost and vulnerable street children. We assess and Rehabilitate the children back with safe family members or in foster/adoptive families and as last resort in..”]

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